About the 49er fx

The FX is a high-performance doublehanded skiff. It has a planning hull shape and high aspect ratio sails which allow it to sail on apparent wind. The FX was designed specifically for a women’s crew, to create a female equivalent to the 49er. It made its Olympic debut in 2016, and has sparked new energy and development in women’s sailing, creating opportunities at youth as well as professional levels of competition. Scroll down to learn about each part.


01. Mast
The FX has a tapered carbon fiber mast specifically designed for the adult female athlete. It is held up by three shrouds which allow it to be quickly tuned to on the water conditions.

02. Spinnaker
The Spinnaker is the largest of the three sails on the FX. This flat, asymmetrical sail gives the FX immense speed and power on downwind legs. 

03. Mainsail
The mainsail is of three sails on the FX, and gives the boat power upwind. It sits along the mast, and can be shaped much like an airplane wing to improve speed and performance.

04. Cap Shroud
This shroud controls the top portion of the mast and main sail. 

05. Primary Shroud
This shroud controls the mid section of the mast and main sail. There is also a lower shroud, which controls the bottom portion of the mast and main sail. Its just hard to see.

06. Jib
The Jib is the smallest of the three sails on the FX. It controls acceleration and direction of the boat, much like the trim tabs on an airplane. 

07. Vang
This lever is one of three controls that alter the shape of the mainsail to specific conditions.

08. Boom
This aluminum tube is a necessary evil. Duck. 

09. Wing
This platform extends the width of the boat on either side and is where athletes stand in most sailing conditions.

10. Hull
This is the main body of the boat.

11. Rudder
This foil is controlled by the skipper and allows the boat to turn.

12. Daggerboard
This foil is what allows the boat to move forward, countering the sideways pressure of the sails or "air foils."